Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Picnic (featuring other cute babies)

Eisley and I took advantage of the nice weather today and invited some of our friends over for a picnic in the yard. We settled under the shade of some trees and watched the babies play.

My friend Laura's children could almost be considered Irish triplets. 
Her twin daughters Bianca and Brielle turn 1 in July and their big sister Kaylee is two in June. 
Kaylee loves to say "baby! Eisley!" everytime she sees Eisley. 
She knows exactly who she is even though she hasn't seen her in almost four weeks.

This little cutie is Landon. He is all over the place. During the course of our picnic he managed to knock over just about everything that was able to be knocked over. At one point, he sat down directly in our bowl of carrots. He's a lovable little guy but we have to keep an eye on him; he's fond of walking up to other babies and hitting them repeatedly in the head excitedly. Needless to say, other babies don't appreciate this very much, Eisley included. 

The twins have shown no interest in crawling or walking yet. 
They were content to just chill in their carriers the entire picnic. 

Eisley wore her picnic hat to the occasion. In this picture she looks like she has a tiny mustache ;-)
She was pretty content to just sit and watch the other kids play.

Later, Eisley helped me paint another wall in her room. Two walls down, two to go!

Can you guess what color the walls are? ;-)

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