Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Point of Reference 14 months

Once upon a time, Eisley was this little...

3 Weeks

3 Months

4 Months

5 months

6 months

7 months

8 months

9 months!

10 months!

11 months!

But now she is so big, she has outgrown the crib pictures.

It's time for something new...

Because Eisley is 14 months

And already much bigger than the bear. 

She's more than 29 inches tall, and can almost reach up to 36, if she stretches a little. 

That bear's got nothin' on her.

But it still makes a good cuddle buddy :-)

Family nap

The other day, Eisley was cuddling with her daddy on the couch...

...when she started to look pretty sleepy.

Her daddy was obviously pretty sleepy as well.

So they both zonked out and took a nap.

And Eisley's mama thought it was very cute.

Especially when she noticed Indie was also napping under the table. 

13.5 months-hide and seek and body parts

Eisley knows all the names of the body parts on her face.

Her favorite is "eye."

But she also will not hesitate...

to poke you in the nose. 

She also likes to lift her shirt and look around for her belly button.

Sometimes Eisley points at things and babbles to us urgently, and we're not really sure what she's talking about. Here I think she was trying to accuse her dad of something. 

Eisley also loves to hide, although she's usually pretty easy to find. 

Behind the table is one of her favorite spots. 

"Nobody can see me here!" 

"Oh no! They found me!"

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