Thursday, May 20, 2010

For a lack of updates...

Yes, as many of you have pointed out, this is less "Eisley Daily" and more "Eisley Whenever I Get Around To Posting Pictures." But if you have ever experienced life with an almost-four-month-old, I think you can cut me some slack.

Today you get one picture, and one picture only. The "Why" behind this is more or less that I've only TAKEN one picture over the past few days. You try getting this kid to sit still. However, we WILL have a few exciting pictures coming soon. First, the nursery has been painted for awhile, so as soon as we get up our final touches of decor, we'll have some pictures of that. Second, Eisley's 3 month professional photos are finished, so those should be coming soon as well. Third, we'll be seeing some more friends and family over the next few days, so hopefully a few pictures will happen there, and finally, we went to the park yesterday (silly mom forgot the camera) and a friend took pictures of Eisley's first ride on a swing! It was so cute: Eisley's little hat barely rose above the top of the baby swing, and once she figured out she could lean fully on the front of the swing and Peter Pan it, she was in heaven. Like most kids, Eisley already loves the park. So hopefully I can get those pictures from her and post them up soon.

Eisley has been wanting to MOVE lately. She has the will, but hasn't quite figured out the way, so this amounts to a lot of baby frustration. I will put her on the floor and all her little arms and legs will start working to direct her torso forward, but the friction of her tummy on the ground keeps her firmly in place. Nothing frustrates her more. When on her back, she's tilting herself from side to side and often rolling over! Several times we've put her in her crib only to come back in and find her on her stomach, screaming of course, because she can't remember how to roll back the "right way." I've been looking into getting a mesh bumper for her crib because about three times nightly she'll find a way to get all four of her limbs stuck in the holes between the slats, which doesn't hurt her, but it certainly restricts her ability to move. And if anything's restricting that precious ability, it calls for some more screaming. And boy is that girl good at screaming. And grunting. Those two things alone comprise most of how she spends her time. 

If one of us is holding her, then the movement goes into hyperdrive. she arches her back, squirms this way and that, kicks her legs, leans over to grab whatever's next to her, reaches for hair or objects you might be holding, etc. As it is right now I am typing one-handed because my other hand is trying to keep my daughter from launching herself off the edge of the couch, and I'm getting repeatedly kicked in the side in the process. Also, my shirt is stretched beyond belief by all the grabbing it's endured. I can hardly use the nursing shawl in public anymore, as Eisley treats it as a challenge to see just how fast she can punch her way out of it. 

Two days ago I was holding Eisley and consuming pizza and orange soda while watching the Biggest Loser (yes, laugh away). Except, most of the orange soda ended up in my lap. Because every time I lifted the clinking glass of ice to my lips, Eisley's baby brain must have signaled: RATTLE! RATTLE! TOY! GRAB! and her fist came up and thwapped the bottom of the glass, hard. Causing the contents of said glass to slosh up and out of the glass, all over my face, down my chin, and onto my clothes. After which she would just smile as though she had just witnessed the best show ever. You'd think I would learn, but no, this happened maybe four times. 

And now I'm off because Eisley is screaming again. 

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