Sunday, May 16, 2010

A busy weekend

This has been a busy weekend for us! On Friday, Eisley and Amber worked hard to finish unpacking and cleaning the house because Amber's friend Jenny was coming to visit all the way from Arizona! While Amber picked up the bedroom, Indie kept an on Eisley.

Jenny wasn't the only friend in town that Eisley had never met. Lots of Mike and Amber's college friends were around as well. Ben flew in from New Jersey and Randi drove down from Oshkosh. In this picture, Anne is holding Eisley while Ben blows bubbles for Eisley's friend Kaylee

Eisley got to use her favorite toy again at Kaylee's house. This time, I got a few photos!
She loves this thing!

She also loves blowing spit bubbles...

Everyone went to "cousin Sarah"s graduation. She went to the same college as Eisley's mom and dad and got the same degree as Eisley's mom :-) It was fun to see a lot of old friends and professors. Unfortunately, Eisley got a little cranky about it toward the end. So many people! So overwhelming!

At least Mike is happy in this photo...
Before Jenny left for the weekend, we all took a walk down to Lake Michigan. Once again, Eisley mustered up her best cranky face for some photos:

But secretly, I'm sure she loved her busy weekend ;-)

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  1. Eisley thanks for letting your Mom and Dad come to Sarah's graduation. It was great to see you all again.
    You are as cute as ever!

    Great aunt Natalie


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