Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My almost-toddler

Eisley may not be walking yet, but she's definitely on her feet a lot. Recently she's taken to trying to climb anything and everything. Last week I was going through a bunch of board games deciding what to consign and Eisley found the pile irresistible. As I watched her attempt to scale the pile, I couldn't help but think how toddler-like she's already becoming. 

Stepping up on the games like it's no big deal

Nonchalantly reaching down for a dropped toy.

Bridging the gap. Even Indie questions the outcome of her limited abilities at this point.

Bringing up a knee in an attempt to climb.

Multi-tasking with a toy and a found object while balancing on her toes.

It was at this point that I decided the pile lacked stability and she was about to trip over that plastic thing she'd just dropped and clonk sideways onto her head. So mission "scale the mountain of board games" was aborted. I have no doubts that without my intervention she would have pressed on fearlessly, until the inevitable point at which she would have either found herself stuck on top of that pile of board games with no way down or else sprawled out on the floor, having fallen and landed directly on her head. Sometimes moms just sense these things.

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