Sunday, September 26, 2010

Baby's a growin'

Even though it's supposed to happen, it never fails to surprise and amuse me when I discover my daughter has once again GROWN. 

I swear that girl GROWS in her sleep. 
She wakes up from naps just looking and feeling BIGGER somehow. 

When babies are this little, one season can make a HUGE difference.

We moved into our current apartment at the beginning of May, just as days were growing warmer. 
We snapped a photo of Eisley the first day it was warm enough to dress her in a summery romper. It was our way of marking the beginning of a season. 

She wasn't crawling then, or climbing stairs, or standing up. In fact, she wasn't even sitting upright on her own. The most she could do was roll over. One way. From front to back. Look at those spindly little legs! They hardly have any CHUNK on them! A day or so after this photo was taken, she spontaneously rolled from back to front in her crib, and she hasn't quit moving since.

And then there's this photo, posted here just a few days ago as a farewell to rompers. A season and then some has passed between these photos. A span of almost 4 months. And already she has long outgrown that first romper. She's crawling all over the place now, climbing stairs, and pulling herself to standing on just about everything (whether it's sturdy or not). She even lets go sometimes, and stands in one spot without holding onto anything. And look at how much chunkier those thighs are!

My little baby is growing up much too quickly. 

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