Thursday, September 16, 2010

Halloween Costumes

Halloween costumes are ridiculous, Eisley's mother thought to herself, perusing her options. $30 or more for something that is only worn for a few hours? Pffffsshhh.

But babies plus halloween costumes are a surefire WIN. 

So Eisley's mother decided to start looking early this year.

Last weekend, our family trekked over to Goodwill to see if they had any good deals. After all, a used baby halloween costume more or less means: "some baby only wore this for an hour or two once."

Sure enough, there were plenty of mint condition cute baby costumes on the racks for $3-$4 bucks apiece. At that price, we bought three.

This was not one of the three:

This was:

Costume #1 was cute.

But much too big.

And it would have required extra orange clothing due to the fact that halloween is always freezing in Wisconsin.

Costume #2 was also cute.

But it was quite large. 

Which made the bee look sad.

and Indie did not approve.

Luckily, costume #3 fit perfectly!

And from certain angles...

She looked like a real frog!

Indie gave a sniff of approval.

So we found Eisley's halloween costume!

The other two costumes will be consigned at an upcoming sale in two weeks for a profit. So the frog costume will essentially be free :D

Can't beat free! At these prices...

Eisley's mama got a halloween costume too!

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