Monday, June 21, 2010

First Father's Day

Yesterday was Mike's first ever Father's Day. We spent most of it packing up our camping gear and driving home from Family Fest. Eisley and I napped the entire 2.5 hour car ride home, but Mike was driving and didn't get a chance. When we got home, he lay down on the floor to play with Eisley. After all, it was Father's Day. Might as well enjoy being a father! Eisley had her wooden rattle and was enjoying throwing it and watching Mike fetch it for her. After 9 or 10 repetitions of this, it suddenly got very quiet. I looked over and this is what I saw:

Eisley's dad, asleep on the floor.

Eisley was mildly concerned at first.

But then she saw the advantages. Namely, she was able to easily wrestle the rattle from Mike's lifeless fingers and toss it across the room. Achieving this, it seemed to dawn on her that if dad was asleep, nobody was going to bring the rattle back to her. So she found a new toy to play with.

Dad's hair!

It was so cute. Mike was crashed out on the floor, and Eisley just kept patting him on the head like, "wake up, dad! It's time to play!"

Happy first Father's Day, Mike!

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