Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Eisley's first camping trip

Over Memorial Day weekend we went camping on Washington Island. It was Eisley's first official camping trip.

She saw and did a lot of brand new things. She...
Hung out in a pink camping chair

Watched the bugs crawl around on the ground

Inspected a bag of trail mix for quality

Endured kisses from mom while going for hikes in her moby wrap

Had some tummy time in a fabric house on a bed of air

Helped dad watch the burning wood

Sat in something yellow

Watched other kids slide down a metal sheet

Felt the wind between her toes

Observed the way dogs enjoy ferry rides

Saw a piece of fabric fly

And took an awkward family photo in the sand


  1. Washington Island one of my favorite places we will be there again in Aug. Love the breeze in her toes shot very creative!
    She is growing so fast. Love the updates.
    Great Aunt Natalie

  2. oh, cute swimsuit! i've been fretting about getting a one-piece, but i know it's necessary. i'm covered in stretch marks. thanks for setting the trend. i will soon be following. (when i actually get out shopping... till then, shorts and t-shirt.)


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