Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cindy Loo Who

The other day we noticed Eisley's hair is almost long enough to put it into a pony tail. So we experimented with an old hair clip we found lying around. Turns out she at least has enough hair for a "Cindy Loo Who" pony tail, anyway. Looks like I might have to get some little hair ties. 

It's like the pony tail gave her extra energy, because once we put it in her hair, she was bouncing all over the place. Thus the blurry pictures.

Also, she is standing on her own for brief periods of time. I'd say about 5, 6 seconds. But she doesn't like to do it for the camera, so this is the best we could get:

As you can tell, I was holding her up and then removed my hands in order to encourage her to stand, but she's blurry because the moment I moved my hands she was already falling down. Because there was an interesting camera just a few feet away, and crawling gets her there a whole lot faster than standing ;-)

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