Thursday, July 15, 2010

A little person

Eisley is full of life lately. She's her own little person. She makes the funniest little expressions, babbles away, claws at things she wants, slaps her hands on things in front of her, shrieks, inspects her environment carefully, scoots across the floor on her stomach, and tries to pull herself up to a standing position using whatever happens to be in front of her, including the hardcover board books we read to her. It seems like every day she's doing something new. I capture a few things on video and when I finally get around to wanting to post them, she's already moved on to doing much cooler things and the video starts to seem a little lame. One of these days I'll manage to put up a video that's current. 

We took Eisley to her first Brewer's game last week and she was asleep by the third inning! :-p

I wish I could fully capture the weird and funny faces she makes. It's like she's got some inside joke she's not telling us. 

Here Eisley was trying my hair on for size.

Lookin' good!

She's able to really concentrate on things now, and you can see her little brain working to figure out the world while she explores it with her hands (and mouth).

No matter how entertaining the world is, however, I think the dog will always win. 

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