Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Little miss grabby

If you haven't seen Eisley in awhile, you might be surprised to see how interactive she is now. Gone are the glowworm-wrapped-in-a-burrito days in which she just used to LIE there and make faces. Now she's wiggling all over the place. And grabbing things. And loudly proclaiming her feelings. The kid can't sit still. She's a bona fide BABY. (And don't you just wanna squeeze those little baby cheeks?) ;-)

Already she's sick of her toys. We set her in her bumbo seat with the play tray and she'll grab at her toys for, oh, maybe two seconds before she's twisting around to see what delicate ornament mom and dad might have haphazardly left within reach. Already she's delighted in knocking over our salt and pepper shakers, incense burner, candle holder, and a (luckily empty) dinner glass. In the photo above, everything is beyond her reach, but that doesn't mean she isn't going to try reaching for it.

This is bad news when it's my hair she wants to grab.

Eisley's not just grabby, she's starting to wiggle. At night when we put her down to bed in one position, we come back in the room to find she has turned 180 degrees and scooted to the opposite side of her crib. If I lay her down on her Boppy like this:

Within a minute or two she will be like this:

And she's growing like crazy! Because different brands' sizes run larger or smaller, she has several 3-6 month outfits that are already too small for her. But the one she is wearing in the picture above is labled 3 months and has been hanging in our closet looking huge to me since she was born. Today I thought I'd give it a shot, and what do you know? It fit! 

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