Monday, April 25, 2011

Family Photo Fail

Easter pics of Eisley coming soon!

But in the meantime (and because I now know my cousin Caitlin reads this blog), I couldn't resist sharing this easter photo fail, taken by my father:

I believe he was trying to capture me, my mother, and my husband sitting on the bench by the lake, but we're a bit overshadowed by a certain uncle lurking in the background, don'tcha think?


Mike and I just could not stop laughing when we discovered this photo on our camera. We recall the moment my father took it. He was very serious about it, directing us to squish together more, to stop talking and to look at him and smile, etc. I'm not sure which part of the resulting photograph we like best, the blurriness of the intended subjects, the awkward faces we're all making, or the fact that not only is Uncle Mark gloriously in focus, striking a pose with his hands stuffed nonchalantly into his pockets (modeling perhaps?), but golden sunlight is also streaming down upon his hair. Can't you just hear the "Ta da!!!" of chorusing angels as the camera ignores all purpose and intent of the photographer and directs itself to focus instead upon a worthier subject? "Naaaah...." the camera thinks. "I don't wanna bother focusing on those three frumps on the bench. But that man with the golden sunlight streaming through his hair? Now that's more like it!" 

Excuse me while I go laugh about this to myself some more. 

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  1. Just laughed out loud in class at this photo. Maybe I shouldn't read your blog during lecture anymore...


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